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However, until now, the contribution of culture, and in particular the creative and cultural industries, to society and the economy has not been fully optimised. One of the major challenges facing the creative and cultural industries in South Africa is fragmentation, which continues to stifle growth and the potential contribution of the sector to the economy. Which means, until now, effective strategic development and investment has been almost impossible to achieve.

It is in this context that a new industry body has been created. Through the establishment of the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA), for the first time sectors in the cultural and creative industries in South Africa now have a unifying body to represent their interests at governmental, economic and social levels.  This new organisation invites all stakeholders in the creative and cultural realm to familiarise themselves with its mission, its structure and its areas of activity. We invite all South Africans to support and promote CCIFSA's agenda. After all, it exists for the benefit of all for whom culture plays a role both in national identity and economic opportunity.

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